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We dont just throw away everything. So Afriwaste reprocesses the useful materials into better products. And now we’re looking towards the future by investing in new ideas and new facilities. Trust us to serve you.


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We have built a User-friendly and easy-to-use chatbot that helps you learn the basics of waste management, get quick waste sorting advice, call a waste collection agent or simply learn the Do-It-Your-Self Waste Tactics.

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AfriWaste is an award winning, proudly female-founded waste management venture that is enabling the digitization of waste management to ensure sustainable and healthier cities. AfriWaste actively participates in the development and provision of digital solutions to waste collection, sorting, and last mile waste management across cities and towns in Uganda. Founded in 2019 and initial operations in 2020, AFRIWASTE (U) Ltd is championing an innovative, accessible and reliable e-waste collection services that lead to healthier African communities.


Waste disposal is indeed a major problem in Kampala and its environs. No one seems to know exactly how much garbage is generated, although authorities like KCCA generally quote about 28,000 tons every month. Conservative estimates show that waste comes from residential, commercial, and institutional use. This makes it about 933 tons of waste each single day and 336,000 tons annually just about enough to fill several football stadiums the size of Namboole. YET, over 11,000 tons of this ends up in the drainage system and other non-essential landfills. AFRIwaste wants to solve this.

Mission statement

To provide innovative, accessible and reliable e-waste collection services that lead to healthier African communities.

Vision Statement

To be the leading e-waste management company that improves the health and sanitation of the African communities.
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